Advance Label Limited

Hong Kong

Advance Label Limited was established in 1967. We specialize in printing adhesive labels and paper products for toys, food, household products, electrical appliances, consumer and promotional goods. With over 50 years of development, we are one of the leading label printing manufacturers in Asia and we offer a wide selection of over 500 types of paper cards, plastic films, and adhesive labels.

Our China factory is equipped with more than 500 machines that cover the entire spectrum of printing services from design to assembling. We also have our own laboratory which is HOKLAS certified.

Through continuous investment in new technology, we are committed to meet the marketing demand for product diversity, international quality and safety standards from raw materials during production processes, through to final delivery.
We offer one-stop service including consultation, tailor-made design, printing and packaging. For more customized services, please contact us.

Our Brand / Licensing & Branding: