Masterkidz Learning Ltd.

Hong Kong

Masterkidz Toys is committed to providing kids with quality wooden toys that are ethically sourced, educational, durable and safe. We believe all kids should be provided with age-appropriate and rewarding playthings during their childhood. After all, this is a vital chapter in life to let our children learn and enjoy creative and imaginative play.

All materials of Masterkidz toys are sustainably produced by highly skilled craftsmen using European beech, Canadian wood and other eco-friendly materials such as water-based paint, o-zone friendly e-zero glue and recycled packaging materials.

To keep learners fully engaged, we have combined STEAM learning with hands-on activities. Our major product, STEM Wall is gaining attention in the STEAM toy market. It includes a host of themed learning boards that can be attached to the wall via a simple screw-in bracket system. Children can use our tools and learning boards to build pictures according to their own designs. We also have a pipe builders’ kit in which those components are connected to the STEM Wall using fixing bands and screws and children can form numerous whacky routes using clear ridged tubes and white plastic connectors. For children who are interested in magnetism theory, we have a magnetism discovery board providing horseshoe magnet and magnet bar for them to try how attraction and repulsion work between magnetic poles. Our STEM toys teach children science, technology, engineering, and math skills in a entertaining and immersive way. We always encourage open-ended play for our kids to manipulate the materials on their own and work on their spatial and tactile skills.

Learning is fun!  Masterkidz is proud to take part in creating the realm of happy learning for our kids.

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