Lup Shun Metal & Plastic Ware Fty. Ltd.

Lup Shun Metal & Plastic Ware Factory Limited was founded in 1972 in Hong Kong, and it has always been a toy manufacturer producing mainly light-up toys and many novelty toy items. In the 1980s, the company moved its production plant from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and expanded successfully.


Lup Shun focused its research and development in the 1990s on toy projectors and viewers, mainly optical toys. Its products became well known in the industry for their innovative ideas and quality, including its planetarium projector, space light projector, animal projector, and various toy projectors. 


By using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for encouraging student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking, children can investigate the mysteries of the universe and forest, developing their practice and stimulating their cognitive development. All projectors are ideal for use at home, in bedrooms, and children's rooms and are designed to produce a soft and colorful light. Rotating star or constellation patterns can be projected onto the walls and ceiling, and children can transform their room into an outer space light show by adding the night light dome. 

Lup Shun is dedicated to meeting the needs of every buyer by offering custom designs and OEM order productions. Lup Shun has always strived to be one of the industry's leading toy manufacturers by innovating, improving, and expanding its product line. Buyers interested in educational toy projectors may contact the company at for more information.



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