Educational Toys for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten children

Mar 2022
Choosing a suitable toy that allows children to have fun while also encouraging them to acquire different skills is difficult. As a guide, we have included several toys that will help your child develop different abilities while having fun.

Pegboard set
One primary use of a pegboard is to improve fine motor skills. Placing pegs into holes on a pegboard is excellent for developing your child's hand-eye coordination and control of hand and finger movements. They are excellent tools to build your child's creativity as they get a chance to use different color pegs to create images such as animals, houses, boats while developing their imagination skills. Moreover, it teaches early math skills such as matching, sorting, identifying colors, and making patterns. (2 years+)

1.    Soft blocks (6 months)
2.    Building blocks (12 months+)
3.    Wooden blocks (12 months+)
4.    Bristle blocks (2 years+)
5.    Magnetic blocks (3 years+)

Blocks help to develop gross and fine motor skills and promote open-ended creativity. They allow children to make and build different 3D images while developing their creativity and imagination skills. Stacking, sorting, building, and creating cities are important skills for future engineers and introduce children to shapes and geometry.

Threading beads/lacing beads
It helps to develop fine motor skills. It is an excellent way to strengthen the finger muscles and control the fingers as they work together. Beading is a great way to practice color recognition. Through beading, children get the opportunity to develop early math skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Children can have fun making their necklaces and bracelets while developing their creativity. (2 years +)

Playdough and molding tools
Playdough is an excellent material that helps children develop fine motor skills. It helps children create whatever they like due to its flexibility while developing their creativity and imagination skills. Playdough allows children to develop their social interaction and language skills. Moreover, it calms children while developing their sensory skills. (2 years +)

Puzzles are great resources that help children develop their fine motor skills, concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving. It allows children to develop their language skills interestingly. (12 months +)

Wooden train set
Train set allows children to build the tracks themselves to continue moving without any obstacles. Furthermore, your child will also learn to organize the trains to increase their ability to move more smoothly while developing their problem-solving skills. (3 years +)

Toys that develop gross motor skills. Bicycles, scooters, trampoline, hopper balls, play tunnels...
Gross motor activities are vital for health as children need to move to be active. Gross motor toys help children develop skills such as running, jumping, climbing, etc., while strengthening their large muscles such as arms and legs.

*Source from Thilini Fernando, Preschool Teacher in Colegio Orvalle.

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